Drone University USA was personally invited by AUVSI this past week to sit on the advisory panel and testify along with representatives from NASA, the California Office of Emergency Services (OES), Cal Fire, Sheriff departments, DJI, AMA and the California Airport Council. The hearing was held Tuesday, August 18th at the state capitol in Sacramento to a standing room only audience with local TV news media in attendance. The purpose of the hearing, chaired by some of the states most influential congress members and legislators, was to gain understanding of the current state of drones interfering with public safety during emergencies. Drone University USA was given the floor to comment on training currently being provided to drone operators about such things as airspace, TFR’s and NOTAM’s. The members of the Joint Legislative Committee were each provided teaching curriculum we provide students in our course such as FAA aeronautical charts & publications, workbooks, flight time log books and more.