5 Skills Drone Operators Need to Get More Jobs

Since the enactment of Part 107 at the end of August, the FAA says that there have been nearly 23,000 drone operators licensed.  While the need for drone services is increasing all the time, as the number of  commercial operators increases some are finding it difficult to break into the commercial market.  One way to [...]

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 launch

DJI is putting clear water between themselves and their nearest competition. In fact, scratch that they don’t have competition, the bar has been raised. Standing out with the Phantom 4 Professional is the 5 axis collision sensing. This will make life much better for beginners, read more...

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GoPro recalls the Karma drone

GoPro has announced it is recalling its recently released drone, Karma. The company spent months trying to perfect the drone, but it seems it may have released the unmanned vehicle too soon. According to GoPro, it is already hearing reports of performance issues. “GoPro is committed to providing our customers with great product experiences,” the [...]

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Drone University USA CEO Speaks at Drone Educators Conference

Barry Morris, CEO of Drone University USA was invited by The Tesla Foundation to speak at the recent Drone Educators Conference in San Francisco. The “Drone Educators Conference | Aerial Pathways To The Future” was the second California based conference of its kind designed to bring together educators, drone enthusiasts, and professionals from a variety [...]

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FAA Issues Part 107 Waivers, Airspace Authorizations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began issuing Part 107 waivers and airspace authorizations to drone operators starting August 29, 2016, the effective date of the new rule.  As of October 24, 2016, the agency has approved 81 authorizations for flights in Class D and E airspace, and has issued 36 waivers of Part 107 provisions [...]

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DJI Mavic Pro launched

       From Gary Mortimer at SUAS News; Partners Drone Deploy and Litchi. In that one sentence Michael Perry underscored that DJI knows drones, and knows who does business with them. Terrain following, vision based collision detection, gesture control. Shall I keep on going? FPV googles. 27 minutes flight time, 4K camera. The DJI Mavic [...]

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Drone Data company DroneDeploy Raises $20 Million in series B funding

DroneDeploy announces another $20 million in Series B financing led by Scale Venture Partners, bringing its total amount of funding to $31 million. “2016 was a tipping point for commercial drones. Businesses in every industry are leveraging drones and our software, and seeing that easy to capture, aerial data enables faster and better decisions,” said [...]

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The Truth about Drones in Precision Agriculture

Over the past few years, the press has emphasized how much commercial drones will be used to improve farming. The assumption is that drones provide more accurate data for use in variable rate technology (VRT) so farmers who use drones will experience increased yields. But truth be told very little has been written about the [...]

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