Barry Morris, CEO of Drone University USA was invited by The Tesla Foundation to speak at the recent Drone Educators Conference in San Francisco. The “Drone Educators Conference | Aerial Pathways To The Future” was the second California based conference of its kind designed to bring together educators, drone enthusiasts, and professionals from a variety of industries to learn about current and upcoming trends in drone curriculum and opportunities for life long careers flying drones.  The one-day event was hosted at Skyline College in San Bruno, California on October 22, 2016.  It showcased keynote speaker Dr. Gregory Crutsinger from Parrot Drones, industry vendors, and professionals that lead breakout sessions discussing careers and curriculum for subjects ranging from cinematography and photography, to agriculture, search and rescue, humanitarian aid, robotics, software engineering, drone racing, manufacturing and future industries that are just starting to emerge!  The day long event concluded with a panel discussion with representatives from Drone University USA on behalf of The Tesla Foundation, West Valley College, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Santa Cruz, and The UC State Chancellor’s office talking about successful drone education programs, how to start them, and how to create pathways to drone education starting in Middle School and continuing through college.