Los Angeles Fire Department Uses Drones For First Time

The pictures paint Los Angeles as a hellscape, a land of glowing red fire-fronts racing across hills, whipped along by screaming winds. Plumes of dense gray smoke fill the skies. Ash particles rain down, miles from the blaze. As of Friday afternoon, Southern California was battling blazes in Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Diego counties, [...]

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FAA Urges Small Drone Pilots To Wear Vests

  Seeking to boost "public awareness" of legal small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) operations, the U.S. FAA is urging sUAS pilots to wear reflective safety vests when flying their aircraft. "By taking this simple action, sUAS [pilots] can demonstrate that they are accepting responsibility for the activity and that they are intending to operate in [...]

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FAA Small Drone Registry To Be Reinstated

The FAA’s authority to compel owners of small drones to register them is about to be reinstated, thanks to a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which passed Congress last week and is awaiting the President’s signature. Specifically, the provision enables the FAA to reinstate the registration requirement for unmanned aircraft weighing less [...]

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How to Price Your Drone Services

Drone Service Providers Weigh in On Determining Price Points Courtesy of DroneDeploy By all accounts, the commercial drone industry is booming. When Part 107 licensing became available in August of 2016, the FAA certified 12,000 remote pilots in the first three weeks alone. By the time the year came to a close, this number had reached [...]

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Drones Deliver Storm Response

In the aftermath of two major hurricanes, drones were deployed in unprecedented numbers to search for victims, assess critical infrastructure, and support live television coverage. Successful deployments cemented a perception of drones as tools for public benefit. Not long after Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys and moved north, bringing torrential rain, damaging winds, and [...]

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7 Common Questions About Drones in Agriculture

Source- Dronelife As we head into July, growers across the Northern Hemisphere are busy monitoring the growth of their crops, applying nutrients, fertilizers and pesticides, and beginning to estimate their yields for the season. More and more of them are using drones to help them gather information — and when we talk to these growers, there are [...]

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DUU Announces New UAS/Drone Structure Inspector Certification

[rev_slider Structure] Drone University USA (DUU) and Strategic Response Partners (SRP) announce the launch of multiple certification training's specifically tailored for the fast growing, aerial roof measurement and building inspection market. This lucrative industry replaces the need for humans to reach hard to access inspection areas, greatly reducing risk exposure and cost while increasing speed, [...]

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