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As we head into July, growers across the Northern Hemisphere are busy monitoring the growth of their crops, applying nutrients, fertilizers and pesticides, and beginning to estimate their yields for the season. More and more of them are using drones to help them gather information — and when we talk to these growers, there are a certain questions we hear a lot.

We put together this post to consolidate useful tips and information in one place and address these frequently asked questions;

  1. How high should I fly and what overlap should I use?
  2. How can I map larger areas and fly offline with DroneDeploy?
  3. How do I view plant health data? Do I need a special camera?
  4. What’s new that I should know about?
  5. How can I export my data to compare it to yield maps, soil maps and other data?
  6. Where can I go to learn more or get help?
  7. What plan should I buy?

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