Kittyhawk Insights: LAANC In-Depth

Jon Hegranes CEO & Co-Founder @kittyhawkio


With the initial roll-out of LAANC just a few weeks away, we’ve been hard at work integrating native, seamless, and beautiful LAANC functionality into our platform (but more on that later ;). Today we wanted to dig into the numbers and dissect *why* there’s such a fervour around LAANC.

What is LAANC?

Aviation is full of acronyms, and there’s no better example than LAANC — or Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability. LAANC was developed over the last year in a collaboration with government and private industry to open the national airspace to drone operators, replacing a ~90-day manual process to receive authorization to fly in controlled airspace, down to seconds via an API. This is a critical step in evolving the airspace and automating processes, without sacrificing safety for manned or unmanned flights.

What LAANC really means for commercial drone operators is a quick and unambiguous method to request flight authorizations in controlled airspace. The FAA has essentially replaced a black box method that took months to a precise method that happens immediately. For commercial pilots, the airspace will start to look a lot different. READ THE FULL STORY…


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