Do You Preflight Your Drone Mission?

One of the most important responsibilities of operating your drone is conducting a thorough and proper preflight inspection. Unfortunately, we see this as often one of the most overlooked and misunderstood parts of executing a safe and successful mission. Remote pilots often take for granted the small UAS, its capabilities and that they are [...]

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Drone deliveries with Amazon, Wing Aviation, and Uber Technologies

This morning the Wall Street Journal has a detailed article about deliveries by drone. They take a closer look at Amazon, Wing Aviation and Uber Technologies. For some reason, UPS with their Matternet drones are not getting that same amount of attention in this article, even though they recently were awarded a Part 135 [...]

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DJI Introduces P4 Multispectral For Precision Agriculture and Land Management

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is setting a new standard for easy-to-use agricultural drone applications with P4 Multispectral, the world’s first fully integrated multispectral imaging drone designed for precision agriculture and environmental management.

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FreeFly Introduces the Alta X

The Alta X is a high-end drone, priced at $15,995. This new quadcopter from FreeFly features a new foldable design that allows you to deploy the drone very quickly and allows you to mount a gimbal to either to bottom or top of the aircraft. With a 20-pound payload such as the Mövi Carbon, [...]

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