Dronitek Turns 5 Years Old

This month marks Dronitek’s 5th year as a leading remote pilot training school. When we got started in 2015 as Drone University USA, there were rumblings the FAA was working on new rules to allow unmanned aircraft to perform commercial operations with a licensing requirement. I was the chief flight instructor at a Part [...]

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Be Heard: DJI’s Tips for Commenting on the FAA’s Proposed Remote ID Rule

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed far-reaching new Remote Identification rules that will affect how drones are designed, produced and used. This proposal would require almost all drones in America to connect to a computer network service in order to fly legally, which the FAA anticipates will require recurring monthly fees for [...]

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Drone deliveries with Amazon, Wing Aviation, and Uber Technologies

This morning the Wall Street Journal has a detailed article about deliveries by drone. They take a closer look at Amazon, Wing Aviation and Uber Technologies. For some reason, UPS with their Matternet drones are not getting that same amount of attention in this article, even though they recently were awarded a Part 135 [...]

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How To Get Hired As A Remote Pilot

We get asked all the time "How do I get hired as a commercial drone pilot?" and after over 4 years of training remote pilots, we have some seasoned words of wisdom. The FAA recently released a report stating "Remote Pilots are set to experience tremendous growth following the growth trends of the non-model [...]

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