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Did you know that drones are already being considered a must-have resource for emergency settings that require rapid deployment? This two day training course is for current emergency service personnel in law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, disaster response, hazardous material teams and other emergency services interested in bringing UAVs/drones into their agency operations.

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Take advantage of the best in Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) education and training program focused on safety and compliance.

“If you are considering a job in the hot Drone industry this is a MUST HAVE course to have under your belt. Not only does the course add credibility to your resume, but the folks at Skyflow pack loads of information and fun into a weekend. Their instructors have years of experience in aviation and they take you through every aspect of FAA Drone regulations as well as FAA airspace, weather, weight & balance and more…. Plus they provide ample time to practice your drone flying skills. A top notch drone course with top notch instructors.”

Jim McKay, Small UAV/Drone Commercial Training & Certification Course Graduate, FAA licensed pilot.

“I signed up for classes with DUU with 1 hour of flight time under my belt. Two weekends later I was making a high-definition professional quality video with my own drone footage! Barry and the crew were so encouraging, positive, and patient with me while I was learning the basics alongside seasoned professionals. The classes moved at a great pace, were very organized, and kept us tuned in the entire time by rotating between the classroom and actually flying the drones. This could not have been a more professional experience and, for what I have learned, it is easily the best investment I have ever made in myself. The knowledge and skills of the staff and management is nothing short of amazing. You will learn from the best and walk out of there feeling confident and motivated to succeed. I am forever grateful for this experience!”

Michael Thompson, Small UAV/Drone Commercial Training & Certification Course Graduate, Advanced Aerial Cinematography Course

“I’m about to go up for a few more shots at the Los Angeles Crossfit Games. We were live at ESPN and the directors and crew loved it. They know that I have being working hard on making it possible to have a live shot from a drone for TV. This process and operation was a great success… I was the only operator allowed to work at the Stubhub Center and Crossfit Games. The certification from Skyflow and the information I learned during your Level 1 Training Course helped me get the insurance coverage that was required for this operation and created the opportunity to show the crew of 250 professionals the proper and professional way of conducting a drone aerial video. Thanks.”

Daniel Carettoni, Small UAV/Drone Commercial Training & Certification Course Graduate, aerial cinematographer

“I just wanted to write you with thanks and gratitude for this past weekend’s experience. I want to express that I appreciate you and your staff’s time and effort in sharing the wealth of information with us. I believe it really opened my eyes in taking sUAS operations way more seriously than I could imagine and will continue to learn, practice and adapt. I don’t believe there is any reason why any drone operator would NOT take your course”

Billy Graham, Small UAV/Drone Commercial Training & Certification Course Graduate, PG&E Contractor

“As a commercial photographer serving corporate clients for over 10 years, I saw the opportunity to offer drone videography as a new service to my clients. I arrived at this course with some experience but the instructors took me to the next level. We spent most of the first day in small groups flying under direct 1:1 instructor supervision. They taught all the essential aerial shots and how to execute them safely with the drone. Since the course was taught at a gorgeous winery and vineyard, we had great scenery to use for portfolio shots. We spent much of the second day learning how to edit our clips into an powerful portfolio piece. I highly recommend this course.”

Craig Sherod, Small UAV/Drone Commercial Training & Certification Course, Advanced Aerial Cinematography Course Graduate

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