International Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot Certification Course


This 3-day training course is designed for students who are interested in becoming safe, legal, compliant, and knowledgeable to the standards set forth for FAA Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 107 Commercial sUAS Remote Pilots. This training course provides the knowledge required to pass the FAA Remote Pilot exam, operate successfully in commercial sUAS/Drone operations, and learn 12-drone flight maneuvers that are instrumental for various flight operations/missions.

Your training will prepare you to become a knowledgeable and successful sUAS Remote Pilot. Additionally, you will receive extensive hands-on flight training throughout the 3-day course from seasoned/expert flight instructors that will position you to excel in the sUAS/Drone industry.


This 3-day certification course includes:

  • Classroom, simulator, and hands on flight-line training
  • Applicable regulations relating to sUAS rating privileges, limitations, and flight operations
  • Airspace classification, operating requirements and flight restrictions affecting sUAS operation
  • Aviation weather sources and effects of weather on sUAS performance
  • sUAS loading and performance
  • Emergency procedures & protocols
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Radio communication procedures
  • Determining performance of a sUAS
  • Physiological effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Aeronautical Decision-Making (ADM) and judgment
  • Airport operations
  • Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures
  • sUAS flight training (simulator and hands on flight-line training)
  • Real life scenario training
  • Privacy and legal issues that you need to know
  • Dronitek Drone Flight Academy Certificate of Completion


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