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Flying drones commercially isn’t as easy as taking your drone outside and offering your services. You’ll need to go through a series of drone pilot certification courses in order to be able to offer commercial drone services. Tracking down businesses that offer these commercial drone training courses can be difficult, but here at Dronitek, that’s not the case. We offer a wide variety of commercial remote pilot training courses, including the UAS Remote Pilot Certificate, one of the central drone certification courses.

Dronitek has designed their weekend trainings to encompass much more than just giving you the information you need to pass your 107 test—that’s just the beginning. With Dronitek, you’ll learn how to apply the 107 in the real world to become a profitable UAS Remote Pilot. During the UAS Remote Pilot Certificate course, you’ll undergo a number of different tests and  class sessions to prove and enhance your capabilities with drones in a commercial setting. This includes different flight maneuvers, commercial drone rules and other essential aspects of commercial drone usage. Once you’ve completed our many different training exercises, you’ll be properly certified and ready to take your drone services out into the world.