DJI Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center (UTC)

Dronitek has partnered with Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems (RMUS), one of the largest UAS equipment providers in the USA, in order to provide commercial DJI drone pilot training courses as an official DJI Unmanned Systems Training Center (UTC). DJI UTC is a professional UAS application training program provided by DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology. Dedicated to empowering multiple industries with drone technology, UTC provides a one-stop service for individuals and corporations, including drone flight training, industrial applications, testing, certification, employment, and more. Our drone training courses allow trainees to achieve faster, safer, more efficient results in their respective industries or fields.

UTC provides a range of DJI drone courses to meet the requirements of UAS operation and applications in commercial environments, including online video lessons, theory classes, flight simulations, UAS assembly, maintenance operation, flight training, application training, and more.

Together with industrial experts, UTC creates a scientific system for UAS application ability assessment. All trainees will be required to undergo a standard test after the training course, consisting of a theory exam and practical test. A UTC Certificate will be issued to those who pass the test, as a recognition of UAS application competence. Get in touch with us here at Dronitek to sign up for your commercial DJI drone pilot training courses.