Entrepreneurship & Business Development International


This 2-day entrepreneurship and business development course focuses on bridging the link between curriculum and implementation of business plan/operations for start-up companies at an accelerated pace. This program prepares students for the ideation phase, market analysis, business operations, risk management, and most importantly, launching a company with minimal funding.

Course curriculum is a project-based program that includes classroom lectures, in-class activities and mentorship.  At the completion of this 2-day course, students are assigned a business coach to support their business startup activities.


This 2-day certification course includes:

  • Understanding of the ideation phase, market needs and value proposition
  • Understanding what an effective strategic business plan is and its importance for business success
  • Advantages and disadvantages of an LLC versus a corporation
  • Process to form a legal entity/company (i.e. S-Corp, LLC, etc.)
  • Process to obtain a business license
  • Business concepts, social media, marketing and funding processes
  • Understanding the lenders’ mind set and how to seek funding for a new business
  • Identifying a company name that will create a “positive” branding image
  • Understanding business liability issues
  • Insurance options and requirements
  • Understanding of a small business within your local community and its effect on the regional economy


Tuition Fee:  $1,590.00

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