Advanced UAS Flight Operations & Safety Training Course International


$4,500.00 – does not include travel, lodging, or per diem costs

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This 2-day advanced course introduces remote pilots to real life sUAS mission planning and operation in the commercial flight environment. The student will learn about Enterprise level sUAS platforms and receive training from industry recognized, professional instructors operating in complex work environments. This is an advanced training course providing the skill and workflow concepts to operate safely and confidently in the large scale, commercial sUAS flight environment.

Course Requirement:  An FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot license or completion of Dronitek Drone Flight Academy’s Commercial sUAS/Drone Remote Pilot Certification Course is required for enrollment in this course.

This 2-day certification course includes:

  • Common sUAS Enterprise platforms
  • Advanced technology – sensor operations and capabilities
  • Selecting the correct sUAS platform, sensors and cameras for specific flight-missions
  • Data collection and processing platforms
  • Flight-mission planning
  • Flight site inspections
  • Training on common, entry and enterprise level flight support applications
  • sUAS preflight preparation and inspection
  • Contingency planning for emergencies
  • Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Emergency procedures
  • Pilot aeromedical factors
  • Legal environment
  • Safety reporting
  • FAA authorizations and waivers
  • Preflight through postflight mission scenarios
  • Insurance requirements


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