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This 1 day training course is designed for 107 Remote Pilots who are interested in  Disaster Preparedness, Response and Site/Structure Inspection using multiple sensor technology. Drone University USA and it’s affiliate, Strategic Response Partners (SRP), have partnered together to create this one of a kind training providing a pathway for specifically trained and certified UAV pilots to enter this exciting and lucrative industry. SRP is one of the largest nationwide rapid response experts specializing in disaster preparedness, response and property restoration resulting from fire, water, wind, hail, storm damage, and other event driven disasters providing complete disaster project management for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and historical properties. This course provides critical knowledge on Disaster Preparedness & Response using sensors and drones in the field.


Students are instructed on the elements of aerial filming disaster preparedness drills to be used in training to specific clients needs, the proper protocols on initial and ongoing contact with first responder’s at a disaster site, working with insurance interests, proper flying maneuvers and camera angles used during structure inspections, basic camera setup and operation with regards to videography settings and gimbal operation, introduction to First Person View (FPV) imaging operations where the drone is being flown as if the pilot is sitting in it, introduction to and use of modern “sensor” cameras including infrared (IR), LIDAR, 3D mapping (photogrammetry), Volumetrics and NDVI. We also offer guidance for the student in acquiring Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) property inspector certification.

Students will be instructed in the following areas;

  • Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Videography
  • Working with First Responder’s and Insurance
  • Structure Aerial Inspection Tactics (hands on flight training)
  • Basic Camera Setup & Operation
  • First Person View (FPV) Operations
  • Using multispectral sensors including infrared (IR), LIDAR, 3D mapping (photogrammetry), Volumetrics and NDVI.
  • FEMA Certification Assistance
  • Full access to our Chief Instructor for all questions after graduation
  • Certificate of Completion


Classes are held on a regular basis at our Sacramento, CA training base.

Cost for UAS/Drone Disaster Response and Remote Sensor Certification: $990.00

For a limited time Drone University USA is offering enrolled UAS/Drone Disaster Response and Remote Sensor Certification students a $50.00 referral fee for each referred new student that completes the same training course.

Students who enroll in any other Drone University USA training course, in addition to this course, will receive a $100 discount.

Classes are limited to sixteen (16) students to maintain a low student to instructor ratio. This ensures that our students experience personal hands on training with our instructors.