UAS Drone Maintenance and Repair Certificate

This single day training course provides you with everything you need to know about maintaining and repairing your drone and accessories. Drone crashes happen and when they do, your aircraft and components may be damaged and require repairs. Why pay a repair shop to diagnose and fix your aircraft? What about lost revenue while your drone is in the shop? Our instructors are expert drone repair technicians and will provide you with the knowledge to diagnose and repair your own equipment saving you valuable time and money. You will also learn how to recognize potential component failures before they occur and preventative practices to extend the life of your aircraft and accessories.

This 1-day certification course includes:

  • sUAS Platforms – fixed wing and multi rotor
  • sUAS Components – flight controls, powerplant components, RC control components, flight controller,
  • compass, IMU and more
  • Preventative maintenance items – fasteners, props, expected lifespans and more
  • Determining airworthiness
  • Common wear components
  • sUAS repair toolkit – what you’ll need
  • Part purchasing – sourcing and pricing
  • Common diagnostic and repair procedures
  • Customer product support sources – tech assistance
  • Firmware updates
  • sUAS systems health checks
  • Compass and IMU calibrations
  • Common manufacturer component error messages and corrections
  • Understanding No Fly Zone Geo-Fencing (airspace blocks)
  • Post repair test flight procedures
  • Intro to Precision Tuning Rates (PID’s)
  • Disassembly of a common sUAS platform
  • Dronitek Drone Flight Academy Graduation Certificate