UAS Drone Structure Inspector Certificate Sacramento, CA.


This 2-day training course introduces students to drone aerial inspections of infrastructure assets. This fast growing and lucrative sUAS industry eliminates the need to put human resources at risk when accessing difficult and risky inspection areas.

Students learn the elements of aerial inspections, workflow, and pricing models for audits of building & structure assets such as roofs, towers, bridges, power lines, solar panels and many more. This course will include a review of the most commonly used remote sensing technology utilized in today’s structural inspection environment. Each day will include practical indoor & outdoor exercises and/or observation and discussions.

This 2-day certification course includes:

  • Introduction to non-destructive, remote sensing devices
  • Roof, building, bridge and dam Inspections
  • Other vertical asset inspections
  • Introduction to Mapping and Modeling
  • Powerline, Oil & Gas utility inspections
  • Cell tower and wind turbine inspections
  • Solar panel inspections
  • Use of autonomous flight applications
  • Collecting, processing and storing high resolution data
  • Introduction to multispectral remote sensors including Infrared (IR), Thermal, LIDAR, 3D mapping and Volumetrics
  • Equipment, maintenance and sensors
  • Identifying industry contacts and what to charge for your services
  • Dronitek Drone Flight Academy Graduation Certificate

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