UAS/Drone Precision Agriculture Certification International


Precision Agriculture is expected to be 80% of the UAS market over the next decade. Industry projections and demands indicate that the UAS Precision Agriculture market will be one of the top five industries that will benefit immediately from commercial, FAA 107 UAS operations. Agricultural industry needs in drought management, disease detection, watering and spraying pesticides make UAS an intelligent and affordable option.

$3,500.00 – does not include travel, lodging, or per diem costs

Deposit Option: Pay $300.00 today to reserve your training spot with the balance due 14 days prior to your class date.

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Students are introduced to remote sensor technology in precision agriculture, crop science, crop economics, data collection, processing and delivery, understanding the grower’s decision process, who and how to approach growers with your services and working with Independent Crop Consultants. Students will be trained in a live field environment using autonomous flight mapping applications by instructors that are experts in the agriculture industry.

Precision Agriculture is expected to be 80% of the sUAS market over the next decade. Agricultural industry applications include drought management, crop stress, disease detection, water conservation, pesticides and many other applications that make sUAS an intelligent and affordable option. California is the #1 agriculture producing state in the U.S. and is ranked #7 worldwide.

This 1-day certification course includes:

  • Sensors and data used in precision agriculture monitoring including RGB, NIR, NDVI and contour mapping
  • Understanding lighting conditions for best sensor imaging results
  • Overview of current aircraft, camera and sensor platforms
  • Overview of popular data processing software platforms and functions
  • Live flying exercises in gathering, processing and delivering the data to the client applying commonly used software programs
  • Choosing the right imagery for the mission
  • Insurance requirements
  • Understanding the agriculture industry, know how to be a solution for the grower and have a successful sUAS business
  • Learn how to draft proposals using Dronitek’s growers quote platform
  • Cost and benefits of sUAS in Precision Agriculture
  • Understanding how a grower thinks, crop economics and how to get paid
  • Dronitek Drone Flight Academy Graduation Certificate


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